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For almost 30 years, companies have relied on SUCCESS Partners to empower them to achieve their full potential by providing strategic and creative solutions for growth. We are focused on creating results through partnership, expertise and innovation.

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5 Things to Know Before You Rebrand

We get many company leaders who come to us and want a brand “refresh” or want us to help them “rebrand” their company. Here’s the problem: Often, all they want is a new paint job on an old company. Worse, they expect the paint job to make everyone feel great about the “new direction” of the company. What direction? What really changes when they go from green to purple and put a cool little “swoosh” design on the logo?

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You Have to Really Mean It: Be Intentional

Recently, I had one of the most remarkable experiences of my career. Not surprisingly, it happened at a partner’s event. This partner is growing, and is poised for more growth. And I believe it’s directly related to what I observed while attending their event. And while—as you know—events are in the wheel house of all direct selling companies, this event had something unique, something that made me immediately realize, “Something different is happening here.” At first glance, it would be easy to say, “Well, sure, but not every company can achieve that… that’s pretty much the luck of the draw.” But you know what? It isn’t. There are definite steps you can take to get this dynamic working for your company.

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Look Around

During the networking of 600+ direct selling executives I was privileged to hear what they considered to be the hottest topics in the industry. They shared ideas and observations as they learned from the leaders of high-growth companies that have “figured it out.” These attendees are the ones who create the buzz around some of the best insights shared from stage, and here’s what they were—and still are-- talking about.

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