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3 Best Practices, 1 MUST-DO

by Paul Adams

Let’s just cut to the chase. In order for a direct selling company to survive, and more importantly, thrive, there must be a clear focus on attracting and keeping customers.

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When Recruiting Slows, Do This

by Paul Adams

The most common reason that recruiting slows down is often self-inflicted.

We get to work with all sorts of companies. Different product categories, maturity, selling methods, leadership styles, comp. plans, markets, demographics, etc.

In fact, in almost every meeting when we are consulting with clients, they assure us that they “are different”. Generally, we are reassured by them that their field “is not like any one you’ve ever seen before.”

In truth, they are right — and wrong.

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Stick With It

by Paul Adams

It was only a few days ago, we were great friends. Everything was going great.

We could do nothing wrong together.

But now, today, you’re acting like I’m the enemy.

You know the deal.

I had no choice.

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Don’t Update Your Kit… Yet

by Paul Adams

Recently a group of executives were a bit taken aback when we politely told them that creating a new prospecting tool and a new kit would be a total waste of their time, energy and money. Not because the company wasn’t growing—it was. And not because their business wasn’t viable—it was absolutely solid. Not even because they wanted the items turned around quickly—while it’s not ideal, it can be done.

The twist to their story is actually pretty common, and that story does have a happy ending.

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Signs of Life

by Paul Adams

For years, I’ve heard from growing direct selling companies large and small that somewhere around 80% of their business is generated by people that have been in the business for less than 1 YEAR.

Note: I said GROWING direct selling companies. Ones with flat or declining revenue would have a very different measurement.

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Who Is Growing Your Business?

by Paul Adams

Over and over, I have discussions with corporate leadership teams that have a similar outlook on their business.

When business is flat or declining there is almost always a common thread.

They are building their business with the input of their top leaders. Sometimes, these leaders haven’t actively built a business in years. Yet they are the ones who the corporate teams ask for advice and, often, cater to the most.

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What If It Works?

by Paul Adams

I know it sounds funny but, what if your idea works? What if… …You launch a company and it reaches the level of success you have always dreamed of? …You created a new product that the world was waiting for and people flocked to be a part of your company? …You got your messaging exactly […]

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